What Is ‘Meta Tag’ in SEO

What Is ‘Meta Tag’ in SEO

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What is ‘meta tag’ in SEO? It is information about your website found in the HTML of the page. It tells search engines and web crawlers what your site is and how people should find your site in searches. Meta tags are essential for getting the most out of SEO. 

Why Do You Need Meta Tags?

Search engines use meta tags to help your website be found.  When your site’s topics are searched, meta tags help position your site higher on the list. Without the right meta tags, your site may not be seen by the people who will enjoy it and use it. 

With the right meta tags, your site will show up in the correct searches, so you will get fans and customers finding your page. 

Best Meta Tags for SEO 

Meta tags aren’t hard to use. There are a ton of tags available, but some have more effect than others. If you make sure your page features the right meta tags, you will see the most significant impact on your site. Here are some of the best meta tags to use. 


This one is a no brainer. Your title’s meta tag is one of the most important things for people to find and use your site. No matter how good your content is, a poorly written title tag will get lost in a search. 

For example, if your page is selling cars, you want cars or auto in your title. If your dealership’s name is Dale’s, you will want to add something you sell to the title. Dale’s Auto Sales is a better title. It will make sure that people searching for car sales will find you. 

Meta Description 

Meta descriptions are the snippets that appear right below your title data on the search page. Making sure that this tag gives people useful and accurate information about your website is essential. 

Meta description snippets tend to be about 150 characters long. You want to try to put useful information in this tag, but be careful not to load it up with keywords. Keyword stuffing tends to get flagged by search engines, and it might hurt your site’s ranking. 

Make your meta description informative and functional. It should give quick information, but not confuse people who are using it.  

Alt Text 

A picture is worth a thousand words, but text can be helpful if the image doesn’t load. This feature can also help if the person using the site is using an accessibility reader. Alt text makes sure that everyone visiting your site can enjoy your images. 

On top of being helpful if something doesn’t load, alt text tags allow search engines to determine what the images are for and what they are meant to convey. Giving context can help your site, especially if the images are a little obscure. 

Final Word on Meta Tags 

What is ‘meta tag’ in SEO? It is one of the best ways to ensure that your website ranks high in web searches. When you use the right tags, you will optimize your search experience and increase traffic to your site. 

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